At just the click of a few buttons, we can start to produce your next single!






  • You record a basic version of your song (in a DAW / on your phone)

  • You send us your song and give us details on your vision for the track (via our questionnaire)

  • We produce the song for you

  • We arrange a time for to record your vocals

  • We then finish the production, mix and master the song!




We take your song from the way you have written it, and transform it into the kind of track you would hear on the radio by your favourite artists.




We communicate with you the entire time through pre-production at our London recording studio to make sure the direction we're taking your song in is in line with your vision.

We work closely with you to get your vocals sounding exactly how you want, whether you choose to come into SkyTop to record your vocals, or record them in a separate studio to send to us later.




All productions are recorded on-site at one of SkyTop Productions' London locations with our team of experienced professionals

However, if you aren't local to London, we can arrange for your parts to be recorded elsewhere! We do this all the time!


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All we need from you is one of the following:

  • Smartphone recording / video of your song


  • Demo of your song recorded to a click track.



When you submit your song, you'll be directed to an online questionnaire to fill out so we have all the information we need about your song.


You can also request a complementary consultation with us to talk through your song and the direction you would like us to take it!


Your track will be produced, mixed and mastered by our production team at SkyTop Productions London. 

We will communicate with you for the duration of your project to ensure your track is going in the desired direction and the job we're doing is in line with your vision!


We will either record your vocals on-site at one of our London recording studios, or if you don't live locally and need to record your vocals at home / elsewhere, we can accommodate you for this too.

Wherever we get your vocals recorded, the process remains the same. Once we have your tracked vocals, we do all the edits we need and add final touches to your song before it gets mixed and mastered.



Send us your song




We produce the track




We get your vocals recorded




Leave the rest to us!


"The emerging artist's solution to getting songs recorded to a high level for an incredibly affordable price"











  • Got songs you want to record?

  • Frustrated at how expensive studio time is?

  • Unsure of which producer / studio to work with?

We make it simple and affordable for you!


Shannon H.jpg

Shannon H

Before working with these guys, I was never happy with what I got when I went into recording studios, and I had consequently never released any of my music.

But these guys helped me get the job done quickly and efficiently, which is such a feat, because my music requires niche instrumentation like pedal steel, fiddle, and banjo parts.

Ed F.jpg

Ed F

The songs my band have done with SkyTop have turned out great. Very professional. True quality.


They're such funny guys too. We had a real laugh making these tracks.



Leah C.jpg

Leah C

These guys were so helpful in honing in on my band's sound during 2019.


As soon as they heard the tracks, they seemed to have a clear idea of where it was going and knew exactly what to do in the studio. The process was so straight forward and fun.

Jon G.jpg

Jon G

Love my new track. As per usual, I can't thank these guys enough. Such a pleasure to work with!

Ella S.jpg

Ella K

I've known the SkyTop guys for a long time now, and they have become the bedrock of my sound.

When I need a song produced ASAP, I just send in what I've written, explain what I'm going for, and what they produce for me is amazing 10 times out of 10.


It's such a useful process for me too because my schedule is very busy these days - and these guys just get the job done!



SkyTop Productions is a London UK based music production company, delivering track production, videos and more to independently funded artists / bands and to indie record labels.

Known for producing records with that slick modern finish for:

  • Singer-Songwriters

  • Pop Singers

  • Rock Bands

  • Country Artists


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Why would I choose to record an ‘acoustic’ / ‘stripped back’ song instead of a professional single?

This is a great option for songwriters who recognise their budget constraints may be working against them, but are also savvy enough to understand that in order to make headway in the music industry these days, consistently releasing new music is essential. Therefore, if budget is an issue, it would make better sense for you to release a stripped back / acoustic song every month than to release a full production every 3 months. Also, not all songs need to be heavily produced. Some songs are better suited to more of an acoustic / mix-tape sort of vibe. Some songs are equally suited to just a piano and vocal. In these cases, this is your best option!

Can we speak in person / on the phone before you start producing my song?

Absolutely! We encourage this! The form we ask all our new clients to fill out gives us the bear minimum of information we need to start working on your music to the level we want, and as close to your taste as possible. However, the more information you can give us the better. And sometimes, that one-to-one chat can really help the producer and artist understand one another in a way that no email / written communication ever could.

What if my song isn’t finished and I need some help finishing the writing?

That's absolutely fine. We're all songwriters at SkyTop too. We can effectively finish your song for you, taking your influences into account if you would like! There is something we feel obligated to make clear in this respect, however: If the song is substantially underdeveloped, writing the whole thing from scratch isn't within the jurisdiction of this service. As you can imagine, this is very time consuming. So whilst tweaking songs (i.e. adding a middle 8 or making the chorus more catchy) is certainly something we can do for you, we can't re-write your song entirely. In addition to this, if we are helping you with the writing process, because of the time this takes to both complete the writing, which is separate from the actual recording of the song, we can't do multiple revisions for you. If you are VERY particular about your songwriting, we would suggest you get the song as close to 'perfect' in your eyes before we start working on it. However, if you are more open and flexible in your approach, rest assured, we have never had any complaints about our tastes and competencies as songwriters … at least not yet!

I don't live in London but I still want to work with you. Where do I record my parts?

After pre-production of your song and the basis of the track is built, we need to get your vocals recorded (and any other parts you would definitely like to record yourself). For this, there are a few options: 1. [RECOMMENDED] If you are UK-based and would like to come into the studio, we can record your vocals with you, on-site at SkyTop London. NOTE: Seeing as we are producing the song, having us manage and produce your vocal performance will undoubtedly yield best results. Alsovocal recording at our studio is included in our pricing structure and prevents you from paying any additional studio fee (as you may need to with the alternative options) 2. Record your vocals at a separate recording studio and send the multi-tracks to us at a later date. Please note: It is advised if you do this that you ensure an accomplished studio engineer is going to guide the session, and it would be helpful if we could speak to them first. All this can be discussed during pre-production. 3. Record them at your home studio, and send them through to us for comping and editing. Please note: we could not recommend this unless you are HIGHLY experienced in the recording studio and have a great sounding room, and good quality microphones / studio gear. However, it has been done before and can be fine for demos.

Can SkyTop's team record all the parts on my song (except for my vocals)?

Yes. We are accomplished multi-instrumentalists and where niche musicians are needed (or session players), we can bring in our studio musicians who are amongst the best in London. HOWEVER, if a particular instrument is part of your artistry (as guitar would be for John Mayer / Brad Paisley, or as piano would be for Alicia Keys), you can of course record these parts yourself too. As long as you let us know any part of the production you would personally like to record yourself, we can make sure to leave space for it in our pre-production of the track.

Will my song be delivered in a ‘ready for radio’ format for me to upload to streaming platforms / send off to radio etc?

Yes. At the end of the project, you will be sent an mp3 version of your song as well as a 24-bit WAV file ready to upload for Spotify / iTunes etc via your preferred distribution company.

Do you produce music for all genres?

Yes - with a few caveats. We are highly experienced with pop, rock, country, indie, R&B, and all relative sub-genres of the aforementioned (whether or not you need a more modern-pop sound or something more vintage-sounding). Our team have all come into music production through initially having grown up on rock music, and having played in bands on and off, and have therefore gravitated toward ‘instrument-based genres’ in what we most enjoy producing. However, we are very well versed in modern pop music and by no means do we solely produce ‘guitar-music’. Our approach is placing priority in creating the best songs possible, and for us it doesn’t matter whether it’s a country, synth-pop, metal, or R&B song, as long as the song is good and helps the artist get to where they’re going! However there are certain genres we are less equipped to help with (such as hip hop and grime music), and here is where we would recommend you look elsewhere.